Holiday Shopping in Litchfield County

You can not open an issue of Town and Country, House Beautiful or Architectural Digest without seeing at least one home in Litchfield County, CT. With the large number of celebrities, designers, artists and business moguls that have homes in the area, it is not exactly a well kept secret. Our family has been fortunate to have a home here for more than thirty years.

With house guests in town for the holiday weekend, we hit the shops on Black Friday.  I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite shops in Kent and Warren, CT for holiday entertaining items.

If I had to pick one store in Kent that I always make a point of visiting when I am home for a visit, it is TERSTON. I love the owner's eye for gifts, house items, clothing and jewelry. I always come out with at least one item (often more).

Some shots of their festive store

All of the shops in Kent are participating in a gingerbread house festival - so fun! Each store has created their own and the one in Terston is modeled after the store. The houses are on display until December 31st. So take a day trip, bring the kids and do some shopping. You can read more about the festival HERE.

Check out the gingerbread house at LYME REGIS. Leave it to style maven (and shop owner) Elaine to put a hip (and mini) twist on the traditional. I didn't get any shots of the interior (too crowded), but it is well worth a visit.

I also love the FIFE AND DRUM GIFT SHOP - they have everything you need for the home or entertaining. The Traymons run the shop (along with the charming restaurant and adjacent guest rooms) and are beloved in town. Visit their shop or their restaurant and you will see why...

The shop

The gingerbread house at the Fife and Drum Gift Shop

We then ventured on to Warren to see the newly opened PRIVET (the sister shop to the Greenwich location) that has been receiving quite a bit of hype. It did not disappoint!

I love this dog carrier for the most stylish of pooches. I was tempted, but was quite sure that my Jack Russell would jump right out when given the chance. What a great gift for the dog lover in your life.

Want to come visit, but don't live in the area? I would suggest the INN AT KENT FALLS. It is the most beautiful lodging in the area and numerous friends and family have stayed there with rave reviews.

Time to plan a visit!


  1. As the holiday week-end "house guest" in tow for the Kent and Warren, CT shopping, I enjoyed revisiting the excursion via Kate's excellent blog. I agree that the stores we visited (and others) were wonderfully welcoming and full of inviting things to peruse and buy. Festive, colorful and tempting, as evident in Kate's blog photos!--Piper

  2. As a resident of CT, these are great tips! Privet has been on my list to visit - I can't wait! I've just recently become a follower and have been loving your blog!!

  3. Love the image of the gifts in a wheelbarrow! And always admire the patience builders of gingerbread houses must have to create their annual displays. xo Cathy

  4. I love Litchfield, such a gorgeous area! My husband was born in New Haven and went to Hotchkiss, I keep pestering him that he needs to take a little "homecoming trip" to CT (with me in tow!). I sent you an email regarding blog design, have a fabulous day! XX!

  5. What a lovely place and those equally lovely shops are filled with so many fabulous items...
    You are lucky to be from there:)

    The gingerbread house looks so cute.

  6. Clearly I need to take a little drive. What charming shops. I've actually been dying to go to Privet - looks great!! Thanks for the tour!

  7. We're so making a detour on the way up to the ski house - perhaps the hubby and boys can wait in the car! One of my favorite Kent stores, Belgique, just opened in New Canaan and I've already spent a bundle there. Dying to see these fabulous finds!