Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for Kids Under $50

With only one more week to go before Christmas, it is time to finish that list and check it twice! Andrika is the style maven behind NURSERY NOTATIONS (a great blog for the wee ones) and an interior designer just for kids! She used to own a children's store and knows all about the best gifts for kids.


Here are her top 5 picks for 2010 under $50:

The I'm Not Bored Anymore Art Jar - $29 Find one HERE
Forget about the electronic toys and give your child something creative. This art jar is heaven for any child who likes to paint, glue, cut and build. Even the adults will have fun thinking of creative new projects.

Gourmet Chef Cookware - $30 Find HERE
All kids like to watch their parents cook and "play" kitchen on their own. So why not start them off right with a wooden kitchen utensil set? The salt and pepper shakers even make noise!

Heirloom Animal Push Toy - $32 Find HERE

A cute modern gift for a toddler. It is wood instead of plastic and works as a push toy or as decor on a bookshelf. This is a piece which your child can keep and pass down to their own children!

Plasma Car - $47 Find HERE
Andrika was intrigued when she saw three kids riding these at the park. Their ages ranged from 2-8 and the mom said that she can even ride it. Simply turn the wheel back and forth and gravity takes over!

Tooli Candela Nightlight Set - $48 Find HERE
Perfect portable night lights for children of all ages. They come in two color combo sets: pink/red or blue/green. Functional and fun!

For more inspiration for all things kids, be sure to check out her blog. Thanks, Andrika!


  1. What great ideas - wish Andrika had been around when my kids were little.

  2. Kate, so happy to learn about Andrika and her great ideas. As a mom of little ones, the Never Bored bucket is a definite find!!!! We've got a long cold winter ahead and indoor projects at the ready make for an easier afternoon!!

    Happy weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Oh it was sooo much easier when they were all under five! Great ideas for gifts!
    Have a merry, nerry weekend Kate! xo Cathy

  4. LOVE all these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What super ideas! I always love giving a personalized craft box of supplies!
    Maybe it's because I love getting them myself!