For the Easter Bunny

Happy April! My friend Katie enjoys entertaining as much as I do. I only wish she were in Boston, instead of Philly, so I could be a regular guest at her table! She is planning an Easter Brunch and was kind enough to send along her ideas. 

An EVITE that is adorable and saves time and money

For flowers, Katie's new favorite for spring are ranunculus.  They are sweet, colorful and last a long time. Cluster groups in the center of the table in tin vases or mason jars, and then the guests can take them home as favors. Find more arrangement ideas HERE

For place settings, individual baskets filled with straw, a chocolate bunny and a place card. For the "how to" on this idea go HERE.

Egg decorating can be creative fun for adults too! There are so many great ideas on how to decorate eggs on Martha's WEBSITE. Plan ahead and make sure you have the supplies you need on hand.

 For cocktails, a yummy 'bellini' with a dash of pineapple juice, and mango puree.  Garnish with fresh raspberries or strawberries for a pop of pink! RECIPE

For brunch, a FRUIT SALAD with lemon curd

HAM QUICHE with asparagus and herbs - it doesn't feel like Easter without the traditional ham!

And Honey Ricotta TURNOVERS that can be made the night before

And the finale, CUSTOM CAKES in the shape of spring chicks - ideal for Easter.

Thanks Katie! I only wish I could be there to join the fun.


  1. Love these ideas! Am going to head over to the basket diy.
    Have a great day.

  2. Oh, I love a good brunch and if there is quiche... count me in! Those little chick cakes are too cute!! xo

  3. Love these ideas! If I swing by and pick you up, think you could get me in for brunch with you?!
    xo Cathy

  4. I am totally stealing Katie's ideas for an Easter brunch at our house!! And, I have to laugh...the Easter Bunny I share initials. All of my college friends call me EB!

    Happy Weekend, Kate!
    xo E

  5. What a lovely brunch..the ONLY thing I am not big on and still very old fashioned with is not sending evites. I believe in the old fashioned (and beautiful) art of sending a gorgeous invitation...nothing like getting one! But loved her indiividual baskets, those cakes are the cutest and love clustered flowers on a table....beautiful!

  6. So fresh and fun - especially those darling little chick cakes and ranunculus are my favorite spring bloom, too!

  7. What fun!! So many wonderful ideas. Love the bellini variation and those adorable chicks at the end!!

  8. All looks fabulous. I think I'll use that recipe for the fruit salad with the lemon curd myself this year. thanks. Mona

  9. Such lovely ideas you have on your delightful blog! These are very pretty ~ especially the gorgeous bunny in the paper basket. A very "do~able" idea.

    Hi from the other side of the world, in Melbourne Australia, where Easter heralds the exciting autumn season and all the lovely snugliness that cooler weather brings after summer.