Be Mine!

While we can all agree that this has become a bit of a Hallmark Holiday, it is still a nice opportunity to do something special for someone you love. 

Rather than ordering flowers, how about styling your own to use a centerpiece or as a gift? The directions, clip art and recipes for everything featured can be found HERE.

Charmingly simple placecards

Personalized notes or decoration details

Make your own sweet treats

Fun ideas to do with (or for) your kids. 

Images: Martha Stewart and Tiny White Daisies


  1. Great inspiration! Such cute ideas!

  2. What a charming collection of Valentine's Day inspiration - so wish the hubby believed in this holiday!

  3. So many beautiful ideas!! I looove that heart shaped cake, just beautiful.

  4. Kate,
    You and are so often on the same wave length. I bookmarked about half of these images just yesterday!! I want to make something homemade for my 3 Valentines but feel so inadequate in the cookie decorating department. I want it to look like Martha's!!! :)

    Here's to remembering it's about the love and not the perfectly placed icing.
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Your images are so fabulous. You offer so much great inspiration here!

  6. If you think about it too much the artist flow stops if you let it be it's quite brilliant. These are heart felt ideas for sure!

  7. Love the flowers and the red hots!!!

  8. I find your ideas fantastic, I am working with a group of elders that I am enseƱanado to do work for entertainment in their daily lives, many of your ideas the next week we thank you for your blog.