Holiday Wishes

Happy holidays to all of our wonderful readers and best wishes for a joyous 2013! I will be back in early January with new posts. But for now I am going to unplug and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. 

Photo: Martha Stewart


White House Christmas

While packing to leave for the holidays I watched a special on NBC about families in the White House and how they celebrate the holidays. It was such fun and inspired a post.

Nobody had more classic style than Jackie and the Kennedy Clan.

The Reagans

The Clintons

The Bushes

And the current First Family

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Fifty Shades of Chicken

Ok...this parody is hilarious! I thought the original book was so poorly written and I cared so little about the characters that I could barely finish the first book much less read all three.

But this spoof is so so clever. You may never look at a chicken the same way! Buy a copy HERE after 12/21. The perfect gift for your gal pals! 

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Holiday Entertaining Tips

The party is at THE BUZZ today where I am delighted to be doing a guest post on holiday entertaining. Please do visit one of my favorite blogs and leave a comment.

Photo: Carolyn Roehm


Cozy with Cocoa

Winter has finally arrived in Boston with cold temps and freezing rain. Blech. I would much prefer some seasonal snow! Is there anything better than a fire and cup of cocoa on a cold day?

A good cup of cocoa should be made from scratch. My favorite RECIPE

Photos: Tiny White Daisies


Rustic Country Christmas

Since I live in the city, my Christmas decor is modern and classic. But I love the idea of a rustic Christmas in the mountains with snow, pine trees and a roaring fire.

During such an incredibly sad time for our country (Newtown is 40 minutes from my family in CT), may we count our blessings and appreciate the little things this holiday season.

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Decadent Dining (and Lodging) in Boston

If you are planning a trip to Boston and are looking for a luxurious boutique hotel in the ideal location then head to XV BEACON. The service, the rooms, the amenities (including complimentary Lexus transportation) make it a must. 

Or if you are like me and call Boston home, then you need to make a reservation at MOOO. The food, the service and the drool worthy design make it worth the splurge for a nice night out. We loved it!

Photos: XV Beacon, Just Luxe