Holiday Entertaining Tips

The party is at THE BUZZ today where I am delighted to be doing a guest post on holiday entertaining. Please do visit one of my favorite blogs and leave a comment.

Photo: Carolyn Roehm


  1. Coming over from The Buzz :)

    Great ideas Kate! Nat King Cole is such a classic .. and all the others too. Great hostess gift ideas and what could be better on a cold night than BEEF BOURGUIGNON and something warm and filled with chocolate :) Hope you are enjoying the season!

  2. Thanks for coming by and being our guest this time! We love all your special touches and can't wait to try out the boozy olives. You're the best, Kate!
    C + C

  3. Kate,
    Such an array of great tips and touches.
    Just be sure to keep an eye on lit candles. A dear friend's pine boughs caught fire from the tapers on her mantle and a guest from the party spotted them from the dining room and screamed. They were able to distinguish in time....but left with a huge mess to clean and a sooty ceiling. Oh dear.
    One never thinks of leaving a room with lit candles.....catching fire - but accidents happen.
    Happy Holidays and pop over for my holiday give it away!