Summer Party

Over the weekend I had a dinner party to kick off the official start of the summer season. The weather in Boston has been stunning the last few weeks so it was perfect weather for some homemade watermelon margaritas

The table was set with my favorite plates from RAMPINI in Tuscany where we have gone a few times while in Italy. They were a gift from Dixie. The centerpiece I made with sunflowers from a local farmer's market.

Since the weather was so nice I decided to grill flank steak with our family marinade recipe which is so so good and so so easy! For two large steaks I use:

1 and 1/2 cups soy sauce
1 and 1/2 cups vermouth (the cheapest you can find)
4-5 cloves sliced garlic
1 healthy teaspoon of ginger powder

Mix all of the ingredients and marinate the steaks for 24 - 48 hours in the fridge. Flip the steaks in the marinade when you think of it. Bring to room temp before grilling. Grill until done to your likeness. Let rest 10 minutes and slice on 45 degree angle.

Happy summer!


New Favorite Find: Kitchensurfing

One of my favorite finds of late is KITCHENSURFING Have you tried it? If you live in one of the cities they serve then you need to...stat!

The site provides an easy and affordable way to find and hire a private chef to come cook for your next party. It can be an intimate gathering for two, a small dinner party or a big bash. 

You can also have a chef come in and do a private cooking lesson for you and your pals. I have used the company and had a terrific experience. Talk about stress free entertaining! The chef does all of the shopping, food prep, serving and clean up.

Photos: Gourmet 


Parisian Chocolate Mousse

It's a fact. Everything tastes better in Paris. It must be a combination of the fresh ingredients, the setting and the elegant people. I am going to France for two weeks this summer and it can't come soon enough! I heard a great interview on NPR with Dorie Greenspan author of AROUND MY FRENCH TABLE who spends half the year in Manhattan and the other half in Paris. 

Greenspan discusses how every Parisian host serves the perfect chocolate mousse.  She discovers the deliciously simple recipe and it is fab! 

I encourage you to try it for your next fete. And the interview is great fun too! Find both HERE