Parisian Chocolate Mousse

It's a fact. Everything tastes better in Paris. It must be a combination of the fresh ingredients, the setting and the elegant people. I am going to France for two weeks this summer and it can't come soon enough! I heard a great interview on NPR with Dorie Greenspan author of AROUND MY FRENCH TABLE who spends half the year in Manhattan and the other half in Paris. 

Greenspan discusses how every Parisian host serves the perfect chocolate mousse.  She discovers the deliciously simple recipe and it is fab! 

I encourage you to try it for your next fete. And the interview is great fun too! Find both HERE


  1. That looks like heaven. I completely agree. Everything tastes better in Paris


  2. I heard her interview and it was wonderful! Who doesn't love a great mousse - must try my hand at this recipe. Happy Monday!