Shake Shack

If you live in the greater New York area then you have seen the lines of people waiting in line at Danny Meyer's SHAKE SHACK

Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation. The cart was an epic success, with Shack Fans lined up daily for three summers. In 2004, it became a permanent kiosk in the Park: This modern day “roadside” burger stand serves up the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and more. An instant neighborhood fixture, Shake Shack welcomed people from all over the city, country and world who gathered together to enjoy fresh, simple, high-quality versions of the classics in a majestic setting.

Last week they opened a location in Boston and it was huge news! Everyone was talking about the arrival of this new restaurant and I can't wait to check out their shakes and their burgers. Have you been? 

The hot dogs, frozen custard and french fries are supposed to be fabulous as well. 


On My List: Stonover Farm

A friend recently mentioned that she and her husband are planning a weekend escape to STONOVER FARM in the Berkshires. My my mum (Dixie) is in Litchfield County and I thought I knew all of the great places to stay in the area. Apparently not!

The Farm is a luxury B + B located in the idyllic town of Lenox. The property is owned and managed by Tom and Suky Werman. Both were raised and educated on the east coast, and after spending 23 years in Los Angeles, they are thrilled to be back! While in Los Angeles, Tom worked as a rock record producer, with over 20 gold and platinum albums to his credit. Suky taught 5th grade and was a museum educator. While they loved the West Coast, after visiting Lenox several times on vacation, they knew it was the perfect place for a bed and breakfast.

The rooms

The property

I am putting this on my list!


Peony Pink

Happy first day of spring! I had to do a post to cheer us up in New England where we are digging out from yet another storm. 9 inches in Boston. Blech. So cheers to spring and pink peonies - one of my favorite flowers. 

Images: Tiny White Daisies, Romantic Domestic Blogspot, Martha Stewart, Brideorama, Emformarvelous, Bbrooks, I Suwanee, Elle Decor


Perfect for Summer Cocktails

I love the iconic boat totes by LL Bean and Land's End. Perfect for day trips to the beach, time on the boat or a summer weekend in the country. While flipping through the latest catalogue from Land's End I see they now make a tote bag cooler! Genius!

Try as I might I couldn't find a good image of one filled with cold drinks like they show in the catalogue. Below is one empty and you will have to picture it with ice cold beer and wine. This would be a great gift when you are a guest this summer. Find them HERE

Photos: Land's End


Easter Entertaining

With all of the snow we have had in Boston (including 14 inches last week), it is hard to believe that Easter is just two weeks away. I am loving all of the options for entertaining and Easter baskets at TERRAIN


On My List: SoLo in Vermont

It is no secret that I love escaping for the weekend to the mountains of Vermont - especially to the Woodstock Inn. I recently read about SOLO FARM AND TABLE and it is now on my list.

The restaurant is family run by Chloe and Wesley Genovart who have returned to Vermont after 10+ years away to raise their family and create a beautiful little restaurant.

Wesley is originally from Spain and he has worked in a handful of some of the most acclaimed kitchens throughout the world. Chloe was raised in the area, met Wesley working as a waitress while he a cook in 2001. Together they have lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe spending any free time that they had together experiencing different cultures and tasting the food of many different regions. The restaurant was nominated by Bob Appetit as one of the best new spots in 2012.

The restaurant

The food

Can't wait to check it out!

Photos: SoLo Farm and Table