On My List: Sirocco in Bangkok

SIROCCO located in the Lebua Hotel in Bangkok has the to be the hippest, sexiest party space on the planet. Never mind with my fear of heights I would be white knuckling my cocktail, I think I would muster up the courage to take in this breathtaking view! 

Located on the 63rd floor of The Dome at State Tower, Sirocco is the world's highest al fresco restaurant.

With a breathtaking view of Bangkok, the deck dramatically hangs out over the sky. Spectacular!

Photos: Lebua, Travelinsider, Stylejunkie


  1. I was there about four years ago. It is AWESOME!!

  2. This place is VERY cool...although my acrophobia would be in full force if I was there! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I live in Thailand and it is our preferred hotel when we go to BKK. It's real spectacular and
    as the deck is secured by glass you have a floating feeling. With that view you will forget to be scary. Have one cocktail or more but don't eat here, there are much better places to go.