On My List: SoLo in Vermont

It is no secret that I love escaping for the weekend to the mountains of Vermont - especially to the Woodstock Inn. I recently read about SOLO FARM AND TABLE and it is now on my list.

The restaurant is family run by Chloe and Wesley Genovart who have returned to Vermont after 10+ years away to raise their family and create a beautiful little restaurant.

Wesley is originally from Spain and he has worked in a handful of some of the most acclaimed kitchens throughout the world. Chloe was raised in the area, met Wesley working as a waitress while he a cook in 2001. Together they have lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe spending any free time that they had together experiencing different cultures and tasting the food of many different regions. The restaurant was nominated by Bob Appetit as one of the best new spots in 2012.

The restaurant

The food

Can't wait to check it out!

Photos: SoLo Farm and Table


  1. Great to know! We will be in Vermont a few times before summer so may need to make a side trip since we will be quite close...great to know this!

  2. Bravo! SoLo is one of the most amazing restaurants I've ever been to. We own a home just up the hill and are fortunate to visit there often. I would highly recommend it! Tara

  3. Oh that looks so good, I would love to visit!