For the Guest Bath

Elegant monogrammed soaps are the perfect finishing touch for your powder room when you are expecting company. You can find them HERE. Or wrap a box as a hostess gift. 


$19M Wedding

In the current issue of W, I read about 23-year-old heiress Pedra Ecclestone who bought the Spelling Manor for $85M. She is the daughter of Formula One Bernie Eccleston and I suspect "Daddy Dearest" paid for her new Bel Air Estate. 

If this was not repulsive enough, I was really appalled to read she (at the wise old age of 22) spent $19M on her wedding. How is that even possible? See some of the costs below (and remember to convert British Pound Sterling to US Dollars). 

While I am a huge fan of the Peas, there has to be a better way to spend your money. Blech. 

Photos: W Magazine, Daily Mail UK


Rustic Tables

Photos: Apartment Therapy, Greige Design, Inspired Design, Ana Rose Tumbler, Stone Blossom Florals, 
The Style Salon Aus, Design Sponge, Style Me Pretty, Inspiration Ivitt


Dreaming of Tuscany

Someone recently asked me what my favorite travel destination is of the places I have been. Hmmm....Kauai? Costa Rica? Paris? London? Vienna? Edinburgh? Barcelona? My first pick was Morocco. But northern Africa barely inched out Italy (Rome, Siena, Florence and especially Tuscany). If you have never been you need to book a trip. Stat. The people. The culture. The climate. The smells. And yes...the food and the wine.

I am drooling over this villa in Umbria. Perfect to rent for a milestone birthday party or destination wedding. Yes. Please. Find the details HERE.


Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is always a comforting treat. But this sandwich gets an upgrade with caramelized onions, brie and mushrooms. Sign. Me. Up. RECIPE

Photos: BS in the Kitchen


Cheers to Malbec

Malbec is my favorite wine during the winter months. I love love love the flavor and you can get a great bottle for a very reasonable price. ALAMOS is one of my top choices and for $10 a bottle at Trader Joe's how can you beat it? Bring a bottle as a hostess gift or serve it at your next dinner party.

Image: Tiny White Daisies and Wine.com, BDV


Soup's On!

I love soup and when I have the time, I make a big batch on the weekend. Broccoli Cheddar Soup is one of my favorites and this RECIPE tops my list. If you want to turn it in to a weeknight supper, hollow out large rolls, and serve it in individual bread bowls with a salad.

Photos: The Little Corner and Sugarnet


For Your Table

Sandra of H.P. Designs wrote to me about her custom placemats. After looking at her collection and seeing that they are sold at some of my favorite stores, I had to share them on the blog. You can find them HERE

Top photo: House Beautiful