Valentine's Day Flowers

A warm welcome to my guest blogger today, Patty Hall, who kindly agreed to do a post on flowers for Valentine's Day. Patty is a part-time florist who loves to surround herself with flowers.

Valentine’s Day is a time to show love and affection, and many people celebrate over dinner. A beautifully decorated table will make your loved one feel special.

Although red and pink are the symbolic colors of Valentine’s Day, they aren’t the only options. To complement any d├ęcor, add one or two coordinating colors. Try pairing deep coral with pink or rich burgundy with red. 


For a whimsical display, fill the bowl with candy to create an inviting aesthetic. For a simpler presentation, arrange several single bud vases around the table. 

Cheers to cupid!

About the Author
PATRICIA HALL works part-time as a florist and delivering flowers. Even in her free time you will find her working with or writing about flowers.

Credits: Martha Stewart, Tiny White Daisies, Designed 4 Living, Carolyne Roehm, Preston Bailey


  1. Wow, what gorgeous images! I'm hoping I get Valentine's flowers that are half as gorgeous as any of these :)

  2. Beautiful post! Such lovely tables.
    Happy weekend.

  3. And cheers to Patty for picking such pretty petals!

  4. So pretty and I love the candy hearts with the tulips .. and the roses!


  5. Patty is here! Thank you very much for all the comments! :)