Cookie Monster

When I entertain I often do elegant desserts. But often simple is best! These are the best cookies and would be the perfect ending to a great meal. Make them smaller and serve them along side vanilla ice cream layered with fresh whipped cream flavored with cocoa and served in a parfait cup.

Parfait Image: Country Living


  1. oh, yummmmmmmmmmm. I could really use one (or two or three) of those right now to dunk in my morning coffee. Can't wait to get a bakin'!!! Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Wednesday

  2. Just ordered the Williams Sonoma x's and o's for my boys this morning - who wouldn't love these delicious treats any day of the week. I'm off to print your cookie recipe!

  3. Wow this was so not a good idea, doesn't help that even the pictures are beautiful and make me want to whip up a batch like NOW! This is a recipe worth keeping....yuuuummmmm!