Message in a Bottle

Ok...maybe it is actually Message ON a bottle. I love these wines from SWANSON VINEYARDS which would be perfect for the cocktail reception at a wedding. Or bring a case when you are a guest for the weekend. 

The Swanson name has been recognized primarily for frozen food products (as in the famous TV dinners). Twenty-five years ago, the Swanson family ventured into the world of wine and were one of the earliest producers of Napa Valley Merlot. Today, while its wines are extraordinary, the mission of Swanson Vineyards is straightforward: to celebrate the simple pleasures in life, made better with wine.


  1. Brilliant.... Reminds me of those Solo Cups with the chalkboard on front so you can write your name and not lose your cup at a party. What great inspiration... Maybe we could paint chalkboard paint on our wine bottles and write our own sentiments? hmmmmm... my next hostess gift? Thanks for getting my juices flowing this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. There's always a good time for wine and these bottles are such fun! Mine would say, "5 o'clock, yay!"

  3. Have done a couple posts on Swanson vineyard- definitely my favorite!! Their Salon is one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever seen, and the wine tasting is spectacular. The wine is fab, yes, but paired with caviar on a potato chip... Doesn't get any better!!
    I think the bottles with the messages are clever and such a smart gift.
    Perfect post!