Dinner Party on Cape Cod

I am off to Cape Cod with family and friends. I am sharing a post from last year with photos of our views (courtesy of my talented brother). And of a summer feast I made for everyone. Cheers to summer and I will be back to the blog on August 6th.

We eat all our meals out on the deck. Can you blame us? 
The menu included a creative take on CAPRESE SALAD 
My homemade caesar salad which is an adapted version of this RECIPE

Marinated FLANK STEAK cooked on the grill - the recipe is a family favorite and is deliciously simple

And for dessert deconstructed STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE

A delicious meal enjoyed with favorirte folks in a stunning setting truly is summer perfection!


Summer Risotto with Prosciutto and Basil Oil

Taking a cooking classes at SUNDAY SUPPERS in New York is still on my "must do" list. In the meantime, I just follow their blog and beautiful food photography. I was practically licking my computer when I saw this RECIPE for risotto with peas, prosciutto and basil oil. Delish! 

Photos and Recipe: Sunday Suppers


Brides Magazine Blog

One of our all-time favorite brides to be, Linley, has been asked by Brides Magazine to blog about her wedding over the coming months before the big event in early September. Be sure to check it out HERE! You will love Linley (pictured with her future hubby Michael). How can you not love someone who picked the wedding dress that allowed her to dance like a maniac at the reception??


Loved Lineage

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of trying a new restaurant in Boston (well at least new to me). LINEAGE is one of Boston's Top 50 Restaurants and I can see why! We loved it - the decor, the vibe, the hip music, the mixed crowd, the service, the wine list and especially the excellent food.

One of the best things I tried were the Spicy Fish Taco Appetizer. Yummmy! I will be sure to order it again. 

After trying various seafood appetizers for the table, I had the burger. So good with the best french fries. Ever.

The interior (truly doesn't do it justice)

Whether you call the Boston area home, or come to town as a tourist, be sure to put this spot on your list! Perfect for a birthday celebration.

Photos: Foodspotting, Boston Magazine, Twitter, Guidepost, D Dexter


Out of the Blue

Photos: Style Me Pretty, Sunday in Bed, Pinterest, Country Living, Carolyn Roehm, Cape Cod Collegiate, 
Tiny White Daisies, Green Wellies Tumblr, The Style Files


Bubblegum Tini

Leave it to our talented friend and celebrity caterer PETER CALLAHAN to create such a whimsical summer sip! Love it and the presentation with bubble gum in a plastic tray. Nobody is more creative than Peter. COCKTAIL RECIPE


Summer Hostess Gift

This time of year I, like many of you, am often a guest at someone's home in Nantucket, Fairfield County, Maine, etc. While I often bring assorted wines, or other gifts, it is also nice to bring something you made. For me this is a nice jar of pesto! Everyone loves it, it can stay in the fridge of freezer, and can make an instant summer meal with pasta.

For elegant packaging, I use WECK JARS. I love the clean lines and that your hostess can use it again once she (or he) has devoured the pesto! 

And a few recipes for different kinds of pesto

And what hostess wouldn't enjoy pesto to make summer dishes like this one?

Photos: Knife Loves a Spoon, Homesprout Typepad, A Chow Life


Uber Cooking School

One of my favorite things to do is to take cooking classes from a talented chef. (In Boston my favorite venue is the Four Seasons.) But after reading about classes in Bedford, NY at RAINBEAU RIDGE FARM, it is next on my list!

I have heard about the farm for years - it is a sustainable organic farm in Westchester County not far from many of my friends. Among other things, they produce award-winning goat cheese which was the concentration of the class I read about in TRADITIONAL HOME. Sign. Me. Up.

Photos: Traditional Home


Champagne Sangria

Over the weekend a friend mentioned that her new summer cocktail was Champagne Sangria. I had never heard of this and was intrigued as it sounds delicious! Here is the RECIPE (it actually uses Cava) that I plan to try soon. It looks deliciously simple.

Photo and Recipe: Food Network TV


Fun For Kids - Whoopie Pies

Does it get any better than whoopie pies with sprinkles? I think not! They had me at "funfetti". While these would be ideal for kids, I also love the idea of serving them at a dinner party for adults. RECIPE

Photo and Recipe: Confections from the Cody Kitchen


Picnic Perfect

Tomorrow night I will be at Tanglewood with friends for the 75th Gala Concert with performances by James Taylor, Yo Yo Ma and many other crazy talented musicians. 

Tanglewood from the lawn

While we have great seats for the concert, we will be picnicking on the grass for dinner (a Tanglewood tradition). Here are some stylish picnic picks that I would love to take with me.

A retro chic picnic BASKET

Paper plates get an upgrade with these melamine DISHES


For summer entertaining I use these acrylic GLASSES all the time and so does Dixie. You truly can not tell they are plastic until you touch them. Perfect for a picnic!

Wondering what to serve? 

How clever to put crudite and dip together in a baguette! 

Mason jars are all the rage for outdoor dining. They are perfect for picnics like this QUINOA SALAD.

Potato SALAD with Creme Fraiche

Curried Chicken SALAD

Chocolate Mousse RECIPE

For summer sips I love Sofia Copola Rose and Sparkling Wine

Photos: Rest and Recovery Tumbler, Holly Leddingham, Emily Carpenter, New York Emmaline Bride



Summer Classic - Tomato Pie

One of my first jobs was waiting on table in a restaurant that had the best tomato pie! Delish. It is so easy and perfect to serve with a mixed green salad for a brunch or lunch during the summer months when tomatoes are at their best. RECIPE

Photo and Recipe: Summer Living