Rooftop Dining in New York

The hottest ticket in Manhattan is not for Broadway, but for a reservation for dinner on the roof of the new and oh-so-hip NOMAD HOTEL

The duo behind the Nomad are Chef Daniel Humm and restauranteur Will Guidara. Chef Humm was the executive chef at Eleven Madison Park where he and the restaurant received numerous accolades including four stars from the New York Times, five James Beard Foundation Awards, and three Michelin Stars. Guidara was the General Manager of Eleven Madison Park, where he spearheaded the transformation of the restaurant from French brasserie to fine dining.

Put it on your list the next time you are in NYC!

Photos: NoMad Hotel, Culture Divine


  1. Only if they have outdoor air conditioning! Perhaps waiting for the crisp days of fall would be best... Looks fabulous!

  2. Good to know! I have been to Eleven Madison Park and really enjoyed it...this sounds like a hot ticket, will have to remember the name. Happy July 4th.