Summer Hostess Gift

This time of year I, like many of you, am often a guest at someone's home in Nantucket, Fairfield County, Maine, etc. While I often bring assorted wines, or other gifts, it is also nice to bring something you made. For me this is a nice jar of pesto! Everyone loves it, it can stay in the fridge of freezer, and can make an instant summer meal with pasta.

For elegant packaging, I use WECK JARS. I love the clean lines and that your hostess can use it again once she (or he) has devoured the pesto! 

And a few recipes for different kinds of pesto

And what hostess wouldn't enjoy pesto to make summer dishes like this one?

Photos: Knife Loves a Spoon, Homesprout Typepad, A Chow Life


  1. Great idea, Kate, and i LOVE these jars. Headed over now.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. I love pesto......have never made it but we have an excellent shop nearby that makes it fresh every few days...so i have gotten spoiled, but who wouldnt' love to receive it in that cute little jar. Excellent idea!

  3. I love your blog...helps that I grew up in New England (Westford, Mass) and miss summers there..but you have such great taste and style...obviously a family trait...! Happy Summer..
    Kathy Smith

  4. Now I know what to do with all my fresh basil. Brilliant idea!