Happy Birthday!

Dixie is the force behind Party Resources and also my mum. Today is her birthday and this post is in honor of her.

Below is a collection of things that make us (her family and close friends) think of Dixie. Stunning parties, classic khakis, The New York Times, the Yankees, her stunning colonial home in CT, a glass of scotch rather than wine, summers in Wellfleet on Cape Cod, Jack Rogers in the summer and Tod's driving mocs in the fall, a Barbour, LL Bean Bags, a gold bracelet from a cherished friend and, of course, her adorable grandkids - Harper and Boone.


  1. Ha! Today is my birthday also and my post is all about tangerine cakes! I couldn't wait to see what you were up to when I saw the cake thumbnail!
    Happy Birthday to Dixie!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dixie!!! Knowing that she has done wedding for 2 of my friends, I hope some day to meet her (and you!!!).

    Who plans a fete for the best party planner around?!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Love her style....wishing her a wonderful and happy birthday filled with all the things she loves, lots of laughter and a boatload of happiness!

  4. Happy birthday to your mum. Love your site and the astonishing ideas you come up with that always inspire.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mum...we share a birthday. It's a great day!