Comfort Food = Chicken Pot Pie

During the cold grey days of winter, there is nothing better than comfort food. For me, Chicken Pot Pie tops the list. Here is one of my favorite RECIPES. Paired with salad and wine, it would be perfect for a casual supper with friends or family.


  1. Thank you for this Kate! This is possibly my single most favorite dish for the winter, decadent, satisfying..the ultimate comfort food. I had a recipe but misplaced it so will be happy to try yours. Thanks!

  2. I love chicken pot pie, and my children begged for a plate full from birth. Not more hearty and delicious!
    I will have to get this recipe.

  3. I just made homemade chicken pot pie last week and my family devoured every last bite. Instead of making it with it's own crust I cooked it all day in the crock pot and served with homemade biscuits. It was a hit. I'll give yours a try soon...I'm sure it will be wonderful. xoxo.

  4. YUMMMMM-O... I am on my way over for lunch. I LOVE Chicken Pot Pie, what a comfort food. ( and what a beautiful image) Thanks for sharing... have a terrific Thursday