Maine Holiday

Over Memorial Day Weekend I was on the coast of Maine for the holiday weekend. Even the cold temps and torrential rains on Saturday didn't dampen our fun.

We rented a killer house in Yarmouth through AIRBNB. If you don't know about this sight then you need to sign up - stat!

A few photos of the house

We ate at a fab spot in Portland that seemed to be a hot spot with the locals - BAR LOLA.

On our way south to Boston we made a stop at one of my "Maine musts" SNUG HARBOR FARM,

Photos: New York Van Line, Airbnb, Maine Today, Woodbury and Morse, Portland Monthly and Snug Harbor Farm


  1. Fun! The farm and that greenhouse would have kept me busy for hours..so pretty! Hope you had fun and hope all is well!

  2. The apparent acres of topiaries in mossed terracotta are extraordinary, but that arrangement of duckweed and water hyacinths is so unusual and exotic, love it all.

  3. Looks like a great weekend!! Gorgeous place.

  4. I love the topiaries and the gardens! This looks like a great getaway!

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