Boston's Best Bakery

Anyone who lives in the Boston area knows of (and I am sure loves) FLOUR BAKERY. If you are coming to town, be sure to visit one of their three locations. They are famous for their sticky buns.

Even better? They now they have a new COOKBOOK so you can bake all of these amazing treats for your next gathering.

I am certainly going out and getting a copy!


  1. I am absolutely ordering that cookbook!!!!! Now, I just need to take the train to Boston for some sticky buns!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. Please don't miss on this one!
    LULU'S Sweet Shop on Salem Street, North End, Boston, MA
    OMG! Sandy Russo (owner) cooked for Julia Child - you tell me what comes out of her ovens – I say pure heaven. Just yesterday I had her Nutella (a delicious hazelnut spread) cookie - her latest creation. This definitely should have a warning “highly addictive”.