Football Birthday Party

This is Hayden and he is definitely one of the coolest dudes I know. Really. Truly. You may remember the PRINCESS PARTY I did for his sister. Well, his mom was looking for some fun ideas for his football inspired birthday bash.

The theme is a football party. The invite (obviously with the wording changed):

Guests would be asked to wear their favorite Pats Gear like this JERSEY.

A centerpiece of grass made to look like a football field. It is easy to do and inexpensive. Picture a smaller version of the example below (without place cards) and add white lines, goals and Patriots football figures! 

Over a casual tablecloth of BURLAP which is very affordable and can be found for less that $3 a yard.

Add FIGURES from Hayden's favorite team, The Patriots.

GLASSES (yes...a party for the boys can be civilized)


With silver napkin RINGS

A football COOKIE wrapped in a cellophane bag with a navy ribbon at each place.

Rather than gift bags, each guest gets a HAT (much more fun and something they will be sure to use).

For the birthday boy and his pals a fun version of game day classics - hamburgers and hot dogs.

Mini burgers - RECIPE

And mini hot dogs - RECIPE

A candy bar with assorted CANDY in keeping with the Pats colors for some fun!

Hayden's mom would want to make his cake from scratch (she is a fantastic baker!) and these cupcakes are so fun. 



  1. Kate!!
    You've outdone yourself. Love the ideas, I'll get to work!

  2. Loving all the ideas! I love it when parents "sink their teeth" into planning their child's parties. My mother put in so much effort to give us kids a great party and we remember them fondly.

  3. You scored big with this party!! I did a football theme for Carter a couple of years ago --- not nearly as nice as this. I'll keep these ideas handy for my youngest in a couple of years!

    xo Elizabeth

  4. Wonderful ideas!!
    I used to love planning birthday parties for my boy who just turned 19 earlier this month. I used to go all out and am so glad I did. The memories make it all worth it :)