Cupcakes in a Jar!

What an adorable idea for a fun favor for a child's birthday or for dessert at an outdoor gathering. RECIPE

Start with cupcakes slices and put in mason jars

Top with frosting

Then repeat. Yum!

Photos and Recipe: My Cakies Blog


  1. This has been on my to do for a while, it has now been bumped up to the top of the list! How long do you think these would keep? A few days in the fridge?

  2. This is the cleverest idea ever - I can see these beautiful jars as gifts each and every day! Thanks so much for sharing - Have a marvelous week - Jalon

  3. What a great idea to place the cupcakes in mason jars! Kids parties, picnics, so fun and now I'm craving red velvet cupcakes..

  4. gorgeous and delicious. I have a serious affection for anything in a canning jar.

  5. GREAT PICS:) I really like your blog..so much nice inspiration...I wish you a lovely week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  6. Laura Vetter3/6/12, 9:03 AM

    Love this Kate, thank you!