Marrakech Express

Last week I did a post on Tuscany and the fact that it comes in at number 2 on my list of favorite destinations. If I had to pick number 1 it would be Morocco. If you have not been, I encourage you to book a trip for a honeymoon, destination wedding spot or to celebrate a milestone birthday! Marrakech is easily accessible from London, Paris and Madrid. It is stunning, as are the Atlas Mountains and the nearby Sahara Dessert (where we took a 2-day camel trip). 

Shopping in the souks

The main square at night is right out of a movie - complete with snake charmers!

Tomorrow I'll share photos of a beautiful wedding in Morocco that will have you drooling! 

Photos: Four Seasons Marrakech, Villa des Orangers, Palais Namaskar, Morocco Desert Tours


  1. Dixie - I have not been to either place and they are definitely on my list of TO DO's (especially now after you have wet my appetite even more!) Thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a beautiful day!

  2. Aah gorgeous photos!! I'd love to run away to an exotic place right now! Have an amazing weekend!

  3. I have not been but a friend came back a few months ago from a 2 week trip there, and absolutely loved it...the pictures are so beautiful and exotic!