My Favorite Blog

A few weeks ago I discovered the incredibly stylish blog of JENNY HOBICK. And I am obsessed! It has quickly become one of my Top 5 daily reads. Luh-ve!

Jenny is a fellow Bostonian who lives in Concord which is the only suburb I would consider if I had to leave the city and is home to some of my close friends. 

Her blog has the best ideas for entertaining (with beautiful photography and recipes).

Entertaining ideas

 Stylish homemade hostess gifts and so much more...


  1. I just found it recently, too! Fabulous, right up there with yours!

  2. Thanks for the introduction to this fabulous blog! Going to add it to my daily as well.

  3. Wow stunning.....I feel like I have gained 5 pounds just looking at those heavenly pictures....will go say hello!

  4. Looks like a good one! I'll be adding to my feed - thanks for the tip! I also love Concord -it's home to one of my dear friends who moved from Weston (where my husband is from) to Seattle (my home) and then back to settle in Concord. I miss her, but love thinking of her in such a beautiful little town.

  5. OH. MY. GOSH. Heading over immediately. My kind of blog for sure!!!
    xx E

  6. WOW - absolutely STUNNING photographs! thank you for the introduction - I'll pop iover there right now. Delighted to have found your blog too - greetings from the UK. Paula x

  7. How can I not know of her? She is only a stone's throw away. I love Concord too. I will have to go follow her! Thanks for the intro. xo

  8. Oh my! All this food looks amazing! There are so many entertaining ideas and inspirations here I'm going to have to save this for later when I have more time to really study it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Thank you for the introduction...this looks like an amazing blog site. I love visiting new sites on the recommendation of sites I already adore!

  10. OMG - love at first sight! My next stop is Jenny's blog. Happy weekend, Kate!