Not So Mellow Yellow

Yellow is so cheery, but I never use it when I decorate or entertain. Perhaps I should reconsider?

Images: Benjamin Dhong Interiors, Ariela Chezar, The Little Corner, Tiny White Daisies


  1. I don't use yellow much either, but it is perfect for spring! My favorite way to add it in is to buy yellow tulips.

  2. I have a "summer solstice" party and it is all about yellow! The sun, sunny yellow napkins....and lemon ade.

  3. I usually have a big bowl full of lemons in my kitchen - for a little pop of color. But, these gorgeous photos make me see all the other ways yellow might brighten my world.

    Here's to seeing the sunny side of things!
    xo Elizabeth

  4. It can become annoying in decor but I think for something temporary like a party it can perfect!

  5. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. I just love the energy about it and unexpectedly it works wonderfully with an array of other colours without creating a fireworks effect of contrasts. It is just so much fun to work with.

    My current crush is a rustic metal cart table by Nordal - it is yellow and so unique.

    x Charlotta
    space for inspiration

  6. Love seeing a burst of yellow, it adds such a upflifting feel to any room, particularly the kitchen where you can easily do that with yellow flowers, lemons or yellow apples. Such pretty examples of how yellow works anywhere.

  7. My new decorating project is shades of grey-green & shades of yellow, I am a blue and white girl and I love this new, warm and open look. I am changing my Blue Canton over this week to Spode's Buttercup. I love my new up-dated look!