Exquisite Tuscan Wedding

I have a love affair with Italy - especially Tuscany. I have been fortunate enough to go a few times and can't wait until I can book another trip. I speak a little Italian and, when my schedule permits, I look forward to resuming my lessons via Skype. (The best way to learn from a native speaker.) So I DIED when I saw this stunning wedding in Tuscany. 

The beautiful images were take by JOSE VILLA and the superb styling was done by JOY THIGPEN.


  1. So pretty, goes to show that even the simpliest affair done with good taste can be spectacular....love how they lit the candles, beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful venue and the decorations - perfect! Love the little tea lights on the grass.... so lovely.

  3. wow! so simple and elegant. no turquoise or pink or orange or fluff.. just plain gorgeousness!

  4. Is there anyway whatsoever anyone would know what that china is? I have been looking for my wedding china for 6 months, and that is by far the most beautiful thing I've come across...

  5. Britt - I would suggest contacting the stylist for the event - Joy Thigpen. There is a link above to her site. Best of luck!