To Die For Terrariums

Terrariums continue to be red hot. A friend gave me one a few months ago for my birthday and I love it. (And so does everyone else who sees it in my office.) They are such a wonderful gift and these beauties from TWIG TERRARIUM would be great for Father's Day. 


  1. Kate! Just contacted Twig, and they are able to add a third sheep to the Grazed and Confused terrarium, so that my three kids can give it as a Father's Day present. Such a cool company!! You have the best ideas, as always.

  2. Such fun! I think I might just get one for a belated Mother's Day gift for myself.

  3. My sons and I were fawning over the terrariums at Terrain last week. They had that was a little mod and my 10 year old loved it!!

    xoxo Elizabeth