Mountain Retreat

I have spent much of my summer on the beach - Maine, Nantucket, Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. I know - lucky me! It is one of the perks of calling Boston home. But I also love time spent in the mountains with crisp, clear air and expansive views. When I recently read about Dunton Hot Springs (not far from Telluride), it quickly went to the top of my "I need to go here and soon!" list. Check it out HERE and I think you, too, will agree. What a great spot for a destination wedding.


  1. Oooh I saw this place in the August Martha Stewart Living issue and added it to my "must-visit" list as well. It is SO breathtaking!

  2. This post has me dreaming....seriously gorgeous. Just the kind of place I am daydreaming of escaping to and craving! I have to show this to my husband who is dying to head "out west" to channel his inner cowboy.....beautiful!

  3. I spent 9 years in the San Juan Mountains...came to live in the Carolina's and have my house up for sale not knowing where the next landing will be. I found this site and feel this is confirmation to move back "home" to see the Milky Way starlit nights and hear the wind rustling through the trees again. Thanks for posting...my heart is happy.