The White Party

No, not Diddy's White Party, this is Le Diner en Blanc which happens today around the globe. 

This pop-up party originated in Paris and has now spread to Montreal and New York. This year will be the innaugural event in Boston. I can't make it this year, but will certainly put it on the list for next year! 

The dinner location is disclosed to thousands of guests at the last minute. Everyone then arrives dressed all in white, and ready to party. What fun!

Photos: Paris Daily Photo, Cool Hunting


  1. I think it's happening in Philadelphia as well although it took this post to help me figure out why it was special. That first photo makes me want to sign up!


  2. How positively fabulous! Is it always on the 16th of august, or third thursday of the month?

  3. We attended a "white party" last summer...and though much smaller, was a beautiful scene to see everyone wearing white. I like the French name better...and may have to have one of my own. Wouldn't that make a perfect birthday soiree for the girl born on the Summer Solstice?
    xoxo Elizabeth