Birds of A Feather

I love the look of feathers - in fashion, in centerpieces, in bouquets, you name it! And fall is the perfect time to tuck a few pheasant feathers in to your table setting.

Photos: 4.bp.blog, Mary2love.blog, Posieandpippa, Heart of the Occasion, The Knot, 
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  1. Beautiful post. Love everything but the shoes!

  2. Well, I see another reason we like to flock together!!! I adore feathers...in all the ways you shared. I have these fabulous feather napkin rings that I'll be using to set a fabulous fall table for an upcoming dinner party. They go beautifully with my Spode Woodland plates, featuring all types of wild birds.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Feathers are so beautiful and you can add a few to just about anything fashion or decor related to up the glam factor. I LOVE those peacock feather shoes...they would make a great DIY project!