Party on the Beach

My dream house for summer entertaining would have a water view, wide open spaces, clean lines and a large deck. This house from the pages of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL fits the bill! It screams cold cocktails at sunset. 

Located on Shelter Island, architect Cary Tamarkin paired back design ideas to the essentials and created this sanctuary for his family. He simplified the house by using concrete floors, built-in furniture, and lots of wood. The interior decorating is by their neighbor, designer Suzanne Shaker.


  1. I will be there with you for cocktail hour, I will take a Seabreeze thank you! Gorgeous, love how laid back it is all the light woods and the killer views are just amazing, even the outdoor shower has a view, I would be showering all day long mesmerized by that view!

  2. Perfect beach getaway....and then when you want to jazz things up, you just head over to Sunset Beach! :)

    Meet you there!

  3. What a great spot! Love all the wood paneling!

  4. This house looks awesome! I agree what a great getaway!!

  5. beautiful house picture!! thanks for sharing ! i love it so much