Summer Dinner on Cape Cod

Hello from the Cape! These are few shots of the view from the house taken by my amazingly talented brother.

Last night I made dinner which we enjoyed on the deck

The menu included a creative take on CAPRESE SALAD

My homemade caesar salad which is an adapted version of this RECIPE

Marinated FLANK STEAK cooked on the grill - the recipe is a family favorite and is deliciously simple

And for dessert deconstructed STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE

A delicious meal enjoyed with favorirte folks in a stunning setting truly is summer perfection!


  1. YUMMY AND HOW BEAUTIFUL! First reactions....stunning landscape and I felt calmer just looking at your pictures..and your meal, OMG does that look amazing, I love how you presented the caprese salad, genius!
    Got some great ideas here and might even now know whats on the menu for dinner..thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful setting. Your brother's photograhpy skills are impressive. I too an impressed with the presentation of the salad...your's or just an image? Nonetheless, I may try to recreate that work of culinary art! I'm heading to the camp next summer for a family wedding. I may need to get some insider tips from you! Enjoy your getaway.

  3. these photographs are gorgeous and the food looks amazing. I must try that caprese salad...so pretty!

  4. With the beautiful scenery and mouth-watering food, what more could you ask for?!