Local Scoop: Block Island

My dear friend, Erika, and her sister, Ellen (along with the rest of their family) have been going to Block Island for over thirty years. They were kind enough to share their favorite spots. September through mid-October is a perfect time to go for the weekend - so book a trip!

Erika (on Block Island)


Best Spot for Lunch:
The porch on the historic NATIONAL HOTEL has beautiful views, good food and is right in the center of town. 

Heading to the beach? Grab your sun block and a sandwich from THREE SISTERS

Best Spot for Cocktails:
Sitting on the veranda at the ATLANTIC INN

Best Spot for Dinner (With the Kids):
SHARKY'S is a hit with the kids and the adults. 


Best Spot for Dinner (When You Have a Sitter):
Enjoy a gourmet meal and take in the scenic views at HOTEL MANISSES.

Best Spot for Ice Cream:
Who doesn't love ice cream? A day on Block Island is not complete without a trip to ALDO'S BAKERY. They have a huge selection of delicious ice cream and gelato. 

Best Spot for Donuts:
Erika and Ellen said that PAYNE'S DOCK killer donuts are a must and so I had to add it to the post. 

Best Spots to Take the Kids:

With 17 miles of beaches, Block Island has endless spots to play in the surf.

A walk at Lewis-Dickens Farm.

BALL O'BRIEN Skateboard, Tennis and Basketball Park has something to entertain everyone!

Thanks, ladies!!

Images: About.com, Sea Spary, University of Arkansas, Vittles Vamp, Yelp


  1. What a trip down memory lane! I used to go to Block Island as a teen then as a college sailor (the post regatta parties were so much fun!)
    Happy weekend to you, too!

  2. Oh....I've never been, but must go, to Block Island. And, you've got the makings of a book, my friend, Kate!!!!

    Also love the Deer Valley wedding. Wasn't their ride down the chair lift magnificent? My dear friend, Emily, got married in Aspen. And they had one party at the top of the gondola and then one at the bottom. One of the best weddings EVER!

    xo Elizabeth