Party Tips: Katie Denham

KATIE DENHAM is a style icon and one of my favorite designers (and bloggers). Born and raised in California, Katie would head to the Pasadena Art Museum after school to do her homework in the courtyard while her mother worked on the latest collection. How fabulous is that?!

I love her clean lines and the warm environments she creates for residential and commercial spaces.

Katie was kind enough to share her party tips and I thought it would be the perfect post for the Labor Day Weekend.

Favorite Cocktail:
Anything made with Prosecco, especially a Bellini. This delicious cocktail originated from Venice and can be made by adding white peach puree (Katie gets them from her local farmer's market) to Prosecco. Top off with a dash of raspberry or cherry juice for a splash of color. RECIPE

Can't find peaches? You can order CIPRIANI BELLINI BASE

Favorite Recipes:
Anything Ina Garten does is easy, fresh, delicious and perfect. A few of Katie's favorites from Ina:



And one of Katie's own recipes for Salted Lemons
These may be used for garnish, salad dressing, for fish, roasted chicken - you name it!
Poke small holes in lemons (as many as you like)
Par boil for a couple of minutes
Cut in to slices and place a layer in the bottom of a jar
Layer with sea salt
Place another layer and another layer of salt
Continue until all the lemons are used
Store in refrigerator until cured (the salt will be dissolved in the lemon juice)
Dice up lemons and use in pasta dishes, salad dressing, for roasting chickens, etc

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:
Almond Horn Cookies at FREEPORT BAKERY

Favorite Restaurants:
When she is in Sacramento, Katie dines at THE PRESS BAR AND BISTRO. Perfect food, perfect service and a chef that makes sure everyone in the restaurant is well cared for...Try the Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli with Fresh Corn and Dill or the Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad!

Out of town, Katie's favorite spot is CHEZ PANISSE in Berkeley. 

For fantastic sweets try EXTRAORDINARY DESSERTS in San Diego

Best Party Sources:
TRADER JOE'S for flowers, wine and food.

IKEA for linens, decor and candles


Party Tips:

Make food ahead of time so you can enjoy time with your guests.

Be flexible! If your outdoor party needs to move indoors due to chilly temperatures don't hesitate to bring your guests inside. They will thank you!

Don't stress about every little detail or you will never entertain! Katie's mom used to say "Clean the powder room, turn down the lights and light the candles. Put out the flowers and the appetizers, hand guests a drink when they arrive and nobody will notice anything else you did not have time to do."

Enjoy the holiday weekend! See you Tuesday!

Images: Martha Stewart, PR Watch, Recipes by Paula, Simply Recipes, Yelp


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