White Wedding Worship

Cue Billy Idol for this fabulous White Wedding.  I am not usually a fan of all white interiors or parties (sorry, Diddy!), but this wedding is stunning. The photos are by JASMINE STAR and from the pages of STYLE ME PRETTY.

How fabulous are the personalized pashminas?

The bride's dress = stunning.

I love when photographers capture less traditional shots like this one taken at the lifeguard station.

The lined tent is beautiful with the clean, crisp, white interior. The white lounge furniture and abundant flowers give it a modern look.

The different types of flowers and vases add interest to the tables. Love it!

The Lily of the Valley on top of the wedding cake is the perfect touch.

The miniature cakes add a touch of whimsy.

Cue the applause for perfect wedding style!


  1. What a considerate bride to think of her bridesmaids and have pashminas made for them. And the miniature cakes are such a treat. I had a miniature replica made of our wedding cake for our first anniversary and it brought back so many wonderful memories!

  2. Absolutely divine! I beautiful peepshot of Paradise.

  3. The personalized pashminas are sooooooo lovely. And, this couple could be on the couple of any magazine. Wow!!
    xo Elizabeth