Park Avenue Party Perfection

Folks have asked where I find inspiration. The answer? Everywhere! I am always flipping through books and tearing pages out of magazines, even at the nail salon! One book full of inspiration - and proceeds support a good cause - is PARK AVENUE POTLUCK CELEBRATIONS.

The book is a wonderful compilation of beautiful table settings and delicious recipes from some of New York's most popular hostesses.

I love the picnic shot below.

Mother's Day Inspiration - decadent breakfast in bed!

The perfect mint julep for Derby Day

Brunch or a dinner party in the country

With the arrival of fall and the holidays around the corner, these shots are perfect to get you inspired to entertain.

Go online and buy a copy today!


  1. Love this book and always flipping through it for inspiration and recipes! We're getting ready for the fall/holiday party season and this is a must-have.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I'll have to get a copy of this book...thanks for the introduction to something new for me!