Go Fish! Kid's Birthday Party

I recently came across an adorable kids party on CAKE. Photographer Michelle Dumais threw a 1st Birthday Party for her son, Abraham. He loves fish so she decided to go with a beach goldfish theme for his party.

The menu: sandcastle (ham & cheese) sandwiches, pasta shells with "seaweed" pesto, skewers with melons cut in fish and starfish shapes, tiny beach buckets with veggies and ranch dip, jello jigglers with Swedish fish, blue lemonade, and of course, Goldfish Crackers. 

Michelle was incredibly creative on a budget and made the invitations, the cake, the happy birthday bunting and goldfish pinata. The party favors were sidewalk chalk in ice cube trays from Ikea. The orange and aqua metal pails are from the dollar bin at Target. The polka dot straws are from ETSY


  1. What a fun and creative party... I think I missed the boat with my two teenage sons. Now allthey want is a movie and a sleepover!

  2. Adorable party! Love those fish jigglers and clever party favor presentation. Reminds me...I have a rescheduled party to host next weekend. I need to get crackin'!!!

    Happy Weekend, Kate!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. This is so cute...love the sandcastle sandwiches and the veggie buckets!! Have a great weekend, Kate ~

  4. What an adorable party!! Makes me wish I was 5 all over again, so many wonderful and inspirational ideas!! (where were these when MY kids were young like this)? Love all these ideas!!

  5. Brilliant! What a fabulously creative party!! xo

  6. love it! I have been dying to do a "fish" themed party and have goldfish swimming during dinner. This was so creative and so fun! Great ideas.

  7. Tamara Harris10/17/11, 3:11 PM

    LOVE it! How did you do the jigglers so that the fish stay on there?