Make Your Own Gourmet Pizza

I love gourmet pizza, but have never attempted to make it myself. But after coming across this RECIPE for Arugula Fig Pizza, I am going to make it for a casual dinner party.

The key ingredients are fig jam

And fresh arugula

Along with prosciutto and mozzarella. Sounds delicious right?

All Photos and Recipe Courtesy of Pioneer Woman


  1. Oh, Kate, this sounds sooooo good! What time should I show up? hee hee xoxo

  2. Adding this to my pin board of yummyness! You can never go wrong with ANY of those ingredients! xx

  3. This looks good. Very good. I do make home made pizza but more my kids way, tons of cheese, pepperoni, this is more like "a grown up"pizza..and love the idea of the figs, yummy!!

  4. love to make homemade pizza in the summer (ok the dough is from La Parmigina) but garden fresh topping make it so delicious. I will have to try the figs--it looks utterly decadent~

  5. YUM! Will have to try this out ASAP!