Labor Day Style with Pretty Pink Tulips

I am delighted to have one of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth from PRETTY PINK TULIPS guest blogging on her perfect Labor Day Party!

I was thrilled when Kate asked me to guest blog and create a party for Labor Day. Since we're hosting my father-in-law (a true rancher) for Labor Day Weekend, this menu was designed with him in mind!

Let's face it....if you've had the kind of summer I have, you're just about "partied out" and this is the last hurrah before focusing on Fall. So, I decided to keep things casual and easy. For the host and the guests. My "uniform" this summer has been a strapless dress (short or maxi) and since we're outdoors, I'll wear wedges (gotta have my added height!)

Invitation is via PAPERLESS POST - and gives a nod to something on the menu!

Though I live in New York, I'm not really a "new yorker", but a Texan living in New York. So, let's welcome our guests with a refreshing Texas Tea. (Add a little hooch if you need to give yours a kick). RECIPE

We're going to enjoy these last beautiful warm nights - picnic table style.

I've been having a love affair with Mason jars this summer - so how appropriate to use them not only for glasses but for our flowers.

I'm a huge fan of Pandora, as it allows you to select an artist that you like, then it will create playlists from that artist and others like it. Tonight, I'm going to mix it up with some Blue Six (very vibby), which is a great background music for any type of party and then move into Zac Brown Band, which is THE country/mainstream band of the moment.

Our main course, brisket tacos, pays homage to my guest of honor, but feel free to go vegan with beans and rice. RECIPE

To give some color, take advantage of the season's bounty and circle back to the invitation, we'll serve Fresh Sweet Corn with Sea Salt and Basil. RECIPE

For dessert, a comfort food that is secretly my all time favorite -- Chocolate Pudding. RECIPE

With a relaxing environment like this...hopefully your guests will linger long into the night and you'll eventually end the evening with s'mores by the fire pit!

Wishing everyone a fantastic end of summer!!


  1. So great to see Elizabeth over here! She is as sweet as she is stylish. Loving her inspiration outfit! Hope your week is going well, Kate! xo

  2. Kate-
    Elizabeth sure does know how to lasso and wrangle up a good party.
    I am hopeful that our addition will be done in time for an Oktoberfest ~
    Love for you to be our party guest!

  3. Love it! This is my kind of party, casual but elegant. Love the Mason jar idea, the picnic tables, the yummy dessert and giving it a southern vibe. Have those very Kendra Scott earrings..they are great looking! Enjoy!

  4. Kate,
    It is so great to "be back" and looking forward to the last relaxing weekend of summer!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be your guest and share some casual entertaining ideas with your readers!!!

    Wishing YOU a wonderful, long weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Thank goodness she's back! Elizabeth, you always make everything look so delicious and easy. Kate, aren't you a smart woman to round up your favorite bloggers and include them seamlessly in your posts recently... a special treat since there all our favorites too!
    Hope you both have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. That's a lot of beautiful styles to choose from.

    Cassy from Learn How To Play Lead Guitar

  7. That looks like the perfect party...casual and yet elegant. Love the menu from the Texas Tea to the chocolate pudding!

  8. Go ahead and add two more Southern gals to the guest list. Sounds like a perfect evening. We hope you guys have a lovely weekend. We're expecting rain from the tropical depression all weekend but we need the rain!
    Angela and Renee

  9. Great ideas here and such yummy food to boot! Great mason jar idea and love the outdoor table setting. Sheer perfection!

  10. Kate I adore Elizabeth; she is always such a class act and really knows how to entertain!

    Come and join my new fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  11. LOVE it! Two of my favorite "party" girls on one blog! xx