Party Details: Summer Dinner Party

Every summer Dixie throws at least one really special dinner for her friends and family. We decided to have it inside because it was hot and humid and inside is SO much easier!

Here is the table. Dixie's house in CT is from 1790. And don't miss my Jack Russell, Auggie, under the chair! 

The meal, without exaggeration, was one of the best I had all year. Dixie brought in one of her favorite chefs for intimate affairs - ANNE GALLAGHER.

The food was made from local ingredients and was off the hook! I was too busy eating to take photos, but these shots from the web will give you the idea.

For nibbles to accompany cocktails, Anne made three different variations of herbed cheese biscuits. Yum!

The first course was Grilled Corn Soup with a Corn Avocado Relish

The main course was Pan Seared Salmon with an Heirloom Salsa

Accompanied by roasted fingerling potatoes and a medley of summer veggies and sauteed kale

The salad course was a Grilled Peach and Fennel Field Green Salad. So delicious!

How to you top off such a phenomenal meal? 

A Napoleon of Lemon Mousse with Mixed Berries and Filo. Out of this world! 


  1. mm it looks delicious!!!

  2. How yummy and pretyy, too! Given that we're on day 4 without power, we're getting pretty sick of take-out and pb & J. Wonder what Anne could cook up on a bunsen burner?

  3. Wow...I'm so glad a great time was had by all and that I can not smell this lovely food. It's already making me hungry. Yummy!


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  5. How fabulous! Her dining room is sooooo beautiful and elegant. I love the lighting given off by the subtle illumination of the candles. And the meal..WOW! That is my kind of dinner party....thanks for sharing. So great to back in blogland.

  6. Delicious food especially the Heirloom Salsa, tasteful.
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