Laduree Love

LADUREE opens today in New York and I can not wait until my next trip to town to go visit! Although Laduree started out as a bakery and then tea shop, it has evolved into a tea salon, pastry shop and restaurant. The next time you are in Paris, make sure to visit the original Laduree at 16 rue Royale in Paris. 

I love the idea of serving small trays of them at every table along with the traditional cake at a wedding. If you are not going to be in Manhattan (or Paris) in the near future, perhaps try making them from scratch? Find the recipe HERE.


  1. So bummed we were supposed to meet friends in the city on Sunday who are visiting and go to Laduree to christen one of my favorite places ever, but now they are flying out early, cannot blame them and our trip to Sunday is obviuosly not happening all thanks to Irene! But I will go on my next trip to the city and cannot wait.
    Have been to the one in Paris and its as beautiful as everythign is delicous...truly a magical place!!

  2. One of our absolute favs fromour Paris days and if we weren't running from a storm, we'd be headed that way this weekend! Great minds do think alike since I'm posting about Laduree next week... too funny!

  3. Will definitely add this to my next trip to New York.. will definitely be there before Paris. What lovely and scrumptious looking treats!
    I adore the colors!

  4. It's on our "places to visit in NYC" next trip. Look's delicious!! Next year "Paris" again!!