Elegant Erika Jack

Love indeed! The beautiful work of ERIKA JACK is popping up everywhere and I am a huge fan!

When her husband's job reloacted them to Charlottesville, VA, Erika decided to launch a line of stationery. Lucky for us she did as her work is stunning! You can buy it at one of my favorite online boutiques AND GEORGE.

Erika kindly sent along photos of her recent work that will have you swooning too!


  1. A name worth remembering I saw her name on a post somwhere about By George and immediately fell in love with elegant work. Love the wax seals what a beautiful old world touch to any kind of correspondence!

  2. I have never heard of her but now I am a fan too! Hope your week is going well, Kate. xo

  3. We saw her work a few weeks ago and love it! Such a touch of elegance.

  4. Isn't she the greatest? I have been a fan for a while... PPT had a post and has her in her sidebar... her work is stunning!
    Beautiful post... what lovely images!

  5. So pretty and those wax seals - so unique!

  6. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful line. It's just beautiful.

  7. "Elegant Erika Jack" Indeed! Erika is one stunningly beautiful & talented Lady! Fun, Playful & sweet!!!!!!
    I know. Erika created for me, the best ever, personalized stationary I have ever owned! That isgiven day, reflects my mood. When Erika & I met. I was in a swirly, twirly & girly mood. Erika was spot on! So EXCITING:)
    Think I just might have to write Erika a thank you, note! saying a lot... considering my life long love affair with handwritten notes on exquisite stationary! I am picky, stationary I chose to use on any