Hydrangea Happiness

Living in Boston, the hydrangeas are abundant. Is there anything cheerier? 

Whether outside

Or in, they are my favorite summer flower.  Use them as a centerpiece for your next summer fete.


And George, Carolyn Roehem and Martha Stewart


  1. No other flower says "summer" to me like hydrangeas. They were the main bloom at our wedding, and we planned our colors around a rich blue bloom. Just looking at these photos makes me happy! I'll be cutting a fresh bouquet from my garden today.
    Have a beautiful summer weekend!!

  2. Mine have been blooming beautifully! In fact, I think I'll go out and clip some this afternoon to freshen up the house. Favorite summer flower!!!

    Happy Weekend, sweetie!!

  3. So beautiful..the flower that just keeps on giving like no other! Love them in all their gorgeous colors, and unlike so many they really last...definitely one of my favorites and surely summers poster child for flowers!

  4. Hydrangeas are an absolute favorite of mine. Unfortunately the extreme heat we are experiencing have mine a bit wilted. Not near as pretty as these.

  5. There is nothing I love more. I have a house full of hydrangeas this Summer, because mine have been blooming profusely - YAY!! Have a great weekend ~

  6. I absolutely love hydrangeas! They are such a pretty flower!