You're Invited to the Party...

Grab a cocktail and come join me at THE ENCHANTED HOME for my tips on holiday entertaining. 


  1. Hi Kate - I am here having read your yummy (!) post over at Tina's.

    What a lovely blog you have. I just adore all the festive inspiration. Am off to browse your other posts now.

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  2. Great post, Kate. Just left, and left hungry I amy add.

  3. Hi Kate, I am also here from Tina's blog. That food looks amazing. I want to try everything!! I look forward to reading your beautiful blog.

    Happy Holidays...Cindy

  4. Hi and I'm so glad to meet you!!! How can I not love your blog? Have a great new week!

    Kristin xx

  5. So happy to find your blog from Tina! I love the post you put together and I look forward to following along here! :)

  6. Kate, thank you for being a guest today...needless to say everyone loved the post and for those not yet familiar with you....they love love love your blog just like I do!

  7. Champagne in hand (ok..only in my mind. It's club soda) and I'm on my way!
    xoxo E

  8. Hi I really enjoyed your post on the fantastic holiday meal over at Tina's blog. I printed out a few of the recipes to try, as we will have a house full of guests as of next week and a few of the recipes sounded perfect. Thank you and its nice to discover your lovely blog.