I Do II: Design Chic

A warm welcome to my next guests in the series - Kristy and Beth. This mother-daughter duo have impeccable taste and are the force behind DESIGN CHIC.

Kristy and Beth have to admit it: They wouldn't change one thing about their weddings, as they hold such perfect memories. When I asked them to think about a wedding day "redo" they weren't sure what they would do! But it was such a tempting offer that they couldn't help but let their minds wander...

A beach wedding redo? Yes please!

Since the first weddings were large, Kristy and Beth would like this one to be an intimate, seated affair, overlooking a sparkling blue shore, with perfect weather, of course. Since Kristy and her hubby honeymooned in the British Virgin Islands. Why not have everyone fly down and celebrate before the vacation?

Big or small, casual or formal, place cards in perfect calligraphy are are a must!

A makeshift aisle, beach style.

Everyone has a different element that, to them, "makes" an event. For these style mavens, it's flowers. For a wedding surrounded by natural beauty, keep the flowers simple, yet plentiful to coordinate with the other outdoor elements.

Snowtinis were the signature cocktail at the real wedding, but mint juleps in sterling, monogrammed julep cups are such a requirement for a southern, summer bride.

Strings then, strings now. These ladies still have to walk down the aisle to Trumpets Voluntaire. That burst of brass gives them chills!

Dinner should be surf -- fresh caught, of course -- and turf with a touch of the exotic. These orchids are a stunning addition.

The best part of any meal is dessert. Cake is great, but why not savor many different flavors?

Coral and shells make this cake fun and whimsical but still elegant -- all the things this wedding should be!

Thanks to all the readers for RSVPing the Design Chic seaside wedding redo! And thank you to Kristy and Beth for such a stylish post.


  1. Kristy and Beth have the best taste and when it comes to the perfect beach wedding they've nailed it. It all looks so wonderful!

  2. Love that cake!!!!
    So many beautiful images.
    Love those ladies

  3. Thank you for having us, Kate. We loved thinking about a beach wedding!! Happy Friday ~

  4. So pretty and fresh and fun... Love this series, Kate! Happy weekend.
    C + C

  5. Absolute perfection. A beach wedding is hard to beat and they certainly got all the details down pat!

  6. Beautiful post! I love this series!!!

  7. What an absolutely stunning wedding it would be. I am with the ladies.It ..keep the flowers simple but lots and lots of them. This has got me thinking about what I would change about mine...very little except the weather!!! (it was torrential - although they say it's good luck to get married in the rain) hehehe...
    I'm off to dream about a beach wedding. Have a great weekend. Jx - A Little Part of the World.

  8. All lovely images especially the first one - perfect! The seashell cake is wonderful.

  9. What a fun post. I love the creativity of the Design Chic mom/daughter. The beach setting would be wonderful, the weather at our Southern California beaches can be a concern, mainly due to strong breezes before the sun goes down, but I'm sure their "perfect" weather day would make it fabulous. :D
    Love the cake!

  10. These photos are magnificent. I love when my favorite bloggers collaborate!

  11. If I knew then what I know now...

    Just thinking about what I would change. I think I'd nix the first wedding all together, if I knew Id get the same kids later on! I loved our wedding to the last and final wedding. Simple, spiritual and full of love. 14 years later, I'd do it all over again in an instant!

    Live and learn,
    (Consider joining www.theblogsisters.com)

  12. Ah this is so fun to dream and imagine a wedding re-do! I love a dessert table with macarons! and your beach theme and location.
    Thanks for the beauty!