I Do II - The Zhush

A warm welcome to the uber-talented Sue from THE ZHUSH Sue collaborated on the post with her daughters, as they are pros at Polyvore and what little girl wouldn't love to plan a fantasy wedding!?

If Sue were to do her wedding all over again the only thing that wouldn't change would be the groom (thankfully!) She has fond memories of her special day - a fall black tie affair in Manhattan...very swank, but quite uptight too. Black tie?! 

Her fantasy wedding would be casual on the beach. Sue's dress and hair would be relaxed and guests could come dressed as they wish. The party would rock all night with a top tier DJ instead of the large 12 piece live band that Sue had at her wedding. The getaway car would be a boat, where she and Mr. Zhush would ride off into the sunset (or sunrise!) to a private beach somewhere to enjoy the honeymoon. Wow, that was a fun daydream!

Here are the two versions of the wedding she did with her daughters. Adorable!

Beach Inspired Wedding: Middle Daughter's Vision

Beach Inspired Wedding: Oldest Daughter's Vision

Thank you Sue (and your daughters) for joining us today. 

Top Image: Style Me Pretty


  1. Knowing Sue, here black tie soiree in NYC was probably amazing but her beach version would be just as special!
    C + C

  2. Ditto to the Buzz Blog's comment! And I love both beach visions. Sue's daughters have amazing style!

  3. Thanks for having me and my girls over! Fun post for us all!:)