I Do II: Pretty Pink Tulips

My next guest in the series is the talented and fun Elizabeth of PRETTY PINK TULIPS. Elizabeth was the first blogger I "met" when I launched my blog (we have mutual friends) and I have been an avid fan of hers (and her blog) ever since. 

When Kate invited me to share what I what do if I got to redo my "I dos"...I thought what a great idea!! Planning a wedding is an overwhelming task and even though I had 11 months to plan mine, there are things I would definitely change.

First, I would shorten my engagement. 6 months would have been perfect, but that would have meant I was marrying in July. Not a great idea if you live in Dallas, TX, as I did at the time. So, my fantasy location would be moved to Napa Valley.

Next, I would hire the most amazing wedding planner (Kate's mom of PARTY RESOURCES) to help with all the details that take an event to the next level. I was working full time and pursuing my MBA in the evenings. Carving out time to make all the appointments and decisions was hard and this was in the day before blogs and Pinterest! I got married in a church, in the evening and had a fairly formal wedding and reception with over 300 people. In my "redo", I would get married outside overlooking the Napa Valley, have a small guest list and have the wedding during the late afternoon. I would have a sit down dinner under a gorgeous tent and dance the night away. Grant and I would leave under a halo of sparklers.

Finally, one little thing I wish I had done. Flower girls. Just the name alone makes me smile. There are three darling girls who are now teenagers that I wish I had invited to be my flower girls. I was talked out of having any as they always "steal the show". But, if they bring beauty and levity to a serious day....why not? I was a flower girl when I was about 5 years old. And, I remember how special I felt.

Luckily, I would keep the groom. Which, in the end.....is all that really matters.

Photos: Pinterest, Catherine Hall, Alish + Brook Photographers, Laurelyn Dexter and Tara Geurard


  1. Well ~ I would not change a thing from my wedding day - 25 years ago....well maybe one thing is that if I had to do it over, I would have taken a nap so I did not fall asleep --- as soon as we crossed the thresh hold. I will never ever live this one down.
    Then I was first one up....to calligraphy my thank-you notes.
    I found a vintage pillbox hat covered with flowers...and it was vetoed in lieu of fresh flowers in my hair...but I still love it. Perhaps that would have looked dated now, looking back 25 years ago.

  2. Kate, thanks so much for having me live out my fantasy wedding today!!! I like so many things that sometimes it can be hard to narrow things down and make them cohesive. That is one of the things I love most about a wedding planner. They have the ability to step back and sift through what you love and help you make it even more special.

    If only I had had a "Dixie" back then!!!

    One thing that I'm glad I did...at the last minute I changed my dress and wore my mother's, circa 1962 silk satin, long sleeved, empire waist (a la Jackie Kennedy style)...and not only was it timeless and elegant, I know it made my mother very happy.

    Happy weekend!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Well - certainly happy to hear you would keep the groom!! I'm sure your original wedding was lovely but this sounds dreamy as well. I did have a small guest list (65) and did get married at the very appropriate 4:30 but I didn't have flower girls - such a charming feature. My eldest was the ring bearer at our nanny's wedding when he was around 7 or 8 and was so proud!

  4. Beautiful Elizabeth....and you and and I have the "dream wedding in Napa" in common:) Could it get any better? I love the idea also of darling little flower girls...hummm, does it have anything to do with both of us having boys:)
    That draped tent up there is beyond gorgeous....wow!!

    Thanks to you both...this was a fun "getaway" from the reality of the chock full day I have ahead of me!

  5. Love your ideas, Elizabeth. I love a quaint wedding. The tents and flowers girls are beautiful.
    Happy Friday.

  6. EB ~ the only thing I would have changed about my wedding is the date so you and Grant could have been there. Then it would have been perfect. Your wedding was AMAZING and it was filled with love, laughter and joy! Your were the most stunning beautiful bride and Grant could not have looked happier. I am honored that I was included to witness your vows; it is a memory that I will cherish forever. You and Grant were the perfect match! I love y'all! xoxokristine

  7. We would have loved to have had flower girls at ours, too, and how funny that all us prefaced our guest posts with not wanting to change the husband! Great post, Elizabeth, and a fun series.
    C + C

  8. What a wonderful post so full of love and who doesn't love a well planned out event. Tents, flowers, little maiden flower girls, bride, groom and guests so much magic...how divine!

  9. This is a darling post. I was married 37 years ago, and it is interesting to see what I would do these days... thanks for the idea! Yours sounds like it would be peeerrrrfffecccttt!!! Love the Napa Valley locale and the flower girls, sparklers, etc.
    xo Nancy