Best Find in 2012

Now you don't have to be a socialite or a Wall Streeter to have a driver at your service.  My best find in 2012 is UBER - your own private car service.

Download the app on your iPhone and you can order a town car in minutes for prices competitive with a cab. Genius! It is all billed through your phone (tip too) and you get a text when your car is en route and when it is pulling up to your door (or wherever you may be).

The drivers are so professional and it is so easy. I am addicted. Uber is in many major US cities so check it out! Besides...you should arrive at your next event in style!

Photos: Huffington Post, New York Times and Uber

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  1. Really?!!! It works? This is so cool. I'm sure they would have it in NYC, right. Must try this! And, love your gray mood board. A friend let me borrow the book, but I just haven't been interested in reading. I feel the whole thing has blown over, so I think I may just give it back.

    Plenty of gray days around here!

    Hope you are well and warm!
    xoxo Elizabeth